What is Renamer?

Renamer allows you to batch rename multiple files and folders at once. If you've ever tried to rename many files by hand and thought there must be an easier way, then Renamer is for you.

Simple and fast

Simple and fast

Renamer is designed to make batch file renaming and numbering pleasant, easy and fast.


Rename from Finder [Direct Download Only]

Conveniently rename files directly from Finder with Renamer's system menu.


Save rename tasks

Store your favorite rename tasks in presets and access them later in just a single click.



Your renames can be undone so you don't have to worry about making mistakes.


Chain 'em

Tired of running the same rename sequences? Group multiple rename tasks into a single task.


Change file extensions

Your files have the wrong endings? With Renamer you can change the file extensions in seconds.


Regular expressions

For power users Renamer offers to find and replace filenames using regular expressions. Learn to use Regular Expressions from us!


Live feedback

Preview how your files will be renamed. Great for catching errors and fine-tuning.


Renamer runs on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 and El Capitan 10.11.

If you're on a previous Mac OS X version, you can get an older version for Leopard 10.5 or one for Snow Leopard 10.6.

Over 50% faster!

Renamer is the fastest batch renaming app on the Mac, renaming files much faster than its competitors.

Who's it for?

Web designers, photographers, developers, artists, system administrators, writers, graphic designers, network admins and pretty much anybody who uses their Mac on a professional basis.

Stop Losing Money!

Renamer will save you countless hours every month that you would otherwise spend tediously clicking and typing to rename your files by hand.

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Use cases

Renamer is a batch file renamer that can help you with a number of common tasks:

  • Rename images
  • Number files
  • Change file extensions
  • Random rename
  • Remove whitespace
  • Replace characters
  • Change to upper/lower case
  • Prepare for the web
  • Insert characters