Renamer 6 users experiencing issues on macOS Sonoma: please download Renamer 6.2.0

Renamer 7

The future is here!

A Renamer 7 icon acting as a header logo.

The best batch file renamer just got a whole lot better with Renamer 7

Renamer allows you to batch rename multiple files and folders at once. If you've ever tried to rename many files by hand and thought there must be an easier way, then Renamer is for you.

Renamer requires macOS Ventura 13 or higher. Also available on Setapp.
A sample image of how the Renamer workflow looks

Organize your file renaming tasks conveniently into Renamerlets

Get started quickly with the Many built in Renamerlets

Handle complex file renaming tasks by assembling Chains

Live preview how files will be renamed – great for fine-tuning and catching errors

Smart Undo and file backup means you don't have to worry about losing data


What Renamer can do for you

  • Number files sequentially
  • Number files randomly
  • Find and replace text
  • Convert filenames to upper and lower case
  • Organize songs by album, title and artist (ID3 support)
  • Insert music track numbers (ID3 support)
  • Add date and time (EXIF support)
  • Insert EXIF and GPS photo tags (EXIF support)
  • Insert image width and height
  • Match and substitute regular expressions
  • Add folder names
  • Insert text at character position
  • Overwrite text at character position
  • Remove text in character position range
  • Change file extensions
  • Remove file extensions
  • Rename files from a CSV file