Add Date and Time

Add Date & Time

This action allows adding date & times to filenames, which can depend on a range of dates related to the file itself.

Field Description
Date/Time The date that will be applied to the filename. The options are described below.
Format Drag tokens in here to create the new names based on the above date. You can enter other text here among tokens, too.

The options for the Date/Time field are as follows:

Date/Time Description
File Created The date & time the file was created
File Last Modified The date & time the file was last modified
EXIF Date/Time Original The Exif tag-based date/time of capture
EXIF Date/Time Digitized The digitized Exif tag-based date/time of capture
Current The current date/time

Note: If a selected Exif tag does not exist in the file, the file will not be renamed.

The action offers the following tokens:

Format Description
Filename The original filename before renaming.

1: This token will have a ▼ symbol next to it after being dragged into the Format field. Clicking on it will allow setting the number-formatting.